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What do occupational therapists do with children from birth to 3 years of age?

Occupational Therapists work with families to assist children to learn functional skills. These include the ability to pay attention; remain calm; teach them self-care skills, such as learning to feed themselves, brushing hair, brushing teeth, dressing, and eventually bathing; encourage development of eye-hand skills, oral skills for eating; coordination of the whole body; feeling comfortable with the positioning and movement of their body during daily activities such as play. Occupational Therapists work with families to help children learn cooperative behavior, and work with learning problems. 

Missouri's Early Intervention Program is called Missouri First Steps.  The Missouri First Steps program offers coordinated services and assistance to young children with special needs and their families. First Steps is designed for children, birth to age 3, who have delayed development or diagnosed conditions that are associated with developmental disabilities.

More information about the Missouri First Steps program may be found at www.eikids.com/mo/matrix


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