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Does my child have sensory processing issues?

Some signs that your child may exhibit if he/she is having difficulty processing and modulating sensory information may include, but are not limited to:

  • Takes a long time to learn a new task/skill.
  • Seems clumsy, has too many accidents. Not keeping up with peers.
  • Presents as a behavior problem at school.
  • Has trouble with handwriting.
  • Demonstrates unpredictable behavior in social situations, especially new or highly stimulating ones.
  • Acts restless/fussy when held.
  • Displays short attention span.
  • Seems overly dependent on routine or schedules and/or easily upset with minor changes.
  • Acts impulsively or explosively.
  • Angers easily or frequently accused of fighting, acting out or "bullying" others.
  • Appears overly colicky or fussy.
  • Exhibits "picky" eating behavior.


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